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Liver Tonic For Poultry




A well balanced composition stimulates the liver metabolism. It increases the bile production and pancreatic enzymes. It plays a vital role in the lipid metabolism. It vitally enhances intestinal function and increases maxiumum utilization of nutrients.


Each lt contains;

Vitamin C                                                        20.000 mg

Vitamin B1                                                      200 mg

Vitamin B2                                                      5 mg

Vitamin B6                                                      200 mg

Propylene Glycol                                           100.000 mg

Sorbitol                                                           200.000 mg

Niacin                                                              1.500 mg

Pantothenic Acid                                            500 mg

Choline Chloride                                             50.000 mg

Inositol                                                            7.500 mg

L-Carnitine                                                      55.000 mg
Methionine                                                     32.000 mg
Tryptophane                                                  1.000 mg
Valine                                                              1.000 mg
Artichoke Leaf Extract                                    25.000 mg
Rosemary Oil                                                  10.000 mg
Dextrose                                                          50.000 mg


1.000 ml for 4.000 liters of drinking water.


1 lt plastic bottle and 5 lt plastic drum.